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Business Leads


Our Business Lead service provides strategic guidance and expertise to help Korean companies to identify the best counterpart (Importers and Distributors) in the Brazilian market. We do identify the best partner considering the Korean company needs.

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With our Pricing service, we help Korean companies optimize their pricing strategies in the Brazilian market. We conduct thorough market research, analyze pricing trends, and develop customized pricing models to maximize profitability and competitiveness.

Regulatory Strategy 


Our Regulatory Strategy service assists Korean companies in understanding and complying with the complex regulatory landscape in Brazil. We provide comprehensive guidance on registration processes, legal requirements, and market access strategies to ensure smooth entry and ongoing compliance.

Request your Market Request to a GPKOL - Global Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leader via KHIDI.

Business Intelligence


Key aspects of our Business Development expertise include:


  • Market Analysis: We conduct thorough market analysis to identify lucrative opportunities for Korean companies in Brazil. Our consultants assess market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor landscapes to help you tailor your offerings and develop winning strategies.


  • Partner Identification: Leveraging our vast network and industry connections, we excel in identifying reliable importers and distributors in Brazil. We carefully evaluate potential partners, considering factors such as market reputation, distribution capabilities, and alignment with your business goals.


  • Relationship Building: We understand the importance of building strong relationships in the Brazilian business landscape. Our consultants facilitate introductions, foster connections, and assist in negotiation processes to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with local importers and distributors.


  • Market Entry Strategies: We develop comprehensive market entry strategies that take into account local regulations, cultural nuances, and consumer preferences. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful entry into the Brazilian market, optimizing your chances of business growth and profitability.


By leveraging our expertise in business development, you can tap into the vast potential of the Brazilian market. We provide tailored solutions to help you generate new business opportunities, identify reliable importers and distributors, and navigate the complexities of the Brazilian business landscape with confidence.



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